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History Stilnyashka

Stilnyashka - Russian brand of children's designer clothes, which was first introduced

premium quality in the medium price segment. Mark combines the immediacy and

thoughtful design, a fabulous atmosphere and fashion trends. Interior boutiques Stilnyashka

resembles a stylish doll houses, where everything is inspired by the childhood dreams.

Touching outfits juicy colors attract grownup elegant performance.

The history of the cozy Home of children's fashion Stilnyashka began in the Russian company

"Provocation Production. The Creator of the company Hasmik Gevorgyan took the talent for fashion

design from mom, but educated economic. As a student, she was fond of sewing

trendy outfits, and the first steps in doing business in the field of marketing. In 2008 Hasmik

managed to combine creativity and entrepreneurial experience in his own interesting

deal - youth production of designer clothing under the brand name PROVOКАЦИЯ.

For several years PROVOКАЦИЯ has grown into an international clothing brand for all

family, bringing together more than 100 chain stores in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and

Ukraine. In 2012, the franchise program of the company included in the rankings, compiled

business publications, including topped the rating of franchises in the respected magazine


The success PROVOКАЦИИ and the increased demand of its customers for children's clothes inspired

Hasmik to develop a new brand, a unique combination of premium quality and are available

prices. So in 2013 she was born Stilnyashka.

To produce a unique for the Russian market the product have managed, through their own

production in Russia. Sewing and printing shop "Provocation-Production launched in 2012

year. With the project Stilnyashka the company increased production capacity and attracted to

the work of the young talents in fashion industry. In 2014 results stylish collaborations presented in

the first company-owned and franchised boutiques of the brand. Leading the author of the children's

Fashion lines, Casual and Casual-Sport was a talented fashion designer Olga Liashenko.

Hasmik is actively involved in the creative process, being the main ideologist of the project. And

today together with the team she picks up natural cotton and silk, trend and neoprene

jacquard, high-quality accessories. Control of each step of expensive fabrics and turning

parts in a harmonious and trendy outfits.

"Our team combines passion and desire to create the best product,"

recognized Hasmik. This feeling of joy and inspiration firm provides both buyers and

partners. Children admire the bright colors and fairy-tale motifs embodied in a capsule

collections Stilnyashka. Parents celebrate elegant styles and sturdy fabrics, of which made outfits.

Franchisee trust stable and favorable conditions of cooperation. And the original design is highly

appreciated not only by clients and partners, but also experts of fashion retail.

In 2014 presentation Stilnyashka at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia received a positive

feedback from representatives of show business and fashion industry. In 2015 with the debut success

brand at the international exhibition "CJF. Kids fashion - 2015. Spring in Moscow. Stilnyashka

brought together more than 50 franchised and multi-brand stores in major shopping centers of Russia

and other CIS countries.

A heartwarming look at fashion and serious attitude to the quality attract

the company more and more partners. Monthly open new boutiques franchisees. And in 2016

year Stilnyashka plans to present their collections in the USA, Asia and Europe.

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